Sapphire Golds in Black Tank

Dear All,
Featured here are some Sapphire Golds AA+ kept in the black tank for sometime. As you can see, their golden rims are more obvious, little pearlies well developed and all fishes, certified 100% defects free.

These fishes will be sent to C328 on Monday, 9th December at 12noon. Our 2013 Year End promotional prices at C328 is only S$420 each for such a quality, 9-10 inches long. Do hurry if you are keen to own a quality Sapphire Gold Xback at really down to earth prices. Many thanks for the forthcoming support!

Mrs Goh

A Sapphire Gold with purplish core, obvious golden rims and fine pearlies.

A zoom into the above fish's 3 back fins area has confirmed well developed fine pearlies.

A darker cored Sapphire Gold with slight Spoon head, only 2 such pieces.

A detailed shot of the above darker cored Sapphire Gold has confirmed developed fine pearlies as well.

Yet another slight Spoon head Sapphire Gold with high body and very fine pearlies!

Another stunning Sapphire Gold with balanced body shape (High & Broad) with fine pearlies.

Shot of the above fish 3 back fins area.