An Update on Adult Xbacks

Dear All,
It has been almost two weeks since we last showcase these adult fishes from the mud pond. Now that all fishes have settled down in the glass tanks, we hand picked some outstanding ones for direct retail sales. These fishes are now on sale for only S$1,600 each and the good news is, you can buy just one fish directly from us. This new price is in fact a far cry from their peak 2-3 years ago at S$3,500 each (ie more than 50% discount now!). Available are probably 3 females and 2 males. If you are buying 2pcs or more, do PM us for a better pricing.

Selected fishes are all 100% defects free - all have perfect finnages, perfect scissors bite mouths, yellow throat, non-droppy eyes, golden brush on tails, well developed fine pearlies. However, as these are fishes from the mud ponds, if there are no takers, then they will have to return to their respective mud ponds by 18th December, ie next Wednesday. If after purchasing the fish and your tank is not yet ready, we could keep your fish for up to a maximum of 10 days. Thus, do hurry if you are keen in owning a perfect Adult Xback at very very low prices ... Do PM or email us for an appointment. Thanks for viewing.

Mrs Goh

Can you guess which ones are the males and which are the females? Clues - males normally have a bigger & broader head and much deeper throat in order to be able to hold fries.

A very thin framed Sapphire Gold with fine pearlies and golden brush on tail.

A 24K Gold Xback with predominantly gold based scales. Golden brush on tail, yellow throat and fine pearlies, too.

A Sapphire Gold Xback with great body shape, fine pearlies and golden brush on tail

A pair of Sapphire Gold Xbacks, darker core at the bottom but both with yellow throat and golden brush on tail.

Sapphire at the top with 24K Gold at the bottom, what an obvious contrast!

All Adult fishes on sale are certified 100% defects free, not even droppy eyes.

Strong colouration for the top fish, love thy shine, pearlies and golden brush?

All fishes have great body shape (High & Broad), good shine, yellow throat and golden brush on tail.