An Update on Golden Head Xbacks

Dear All,
For all Golden Head lovers, we are hereby providing you with a small update of our Golden Head xbacks. Stocks are very low for now, so do PM for prices if you are really keen on any of these 4 Golden Heads.

Many thanks for viewing.

Mrs Goh

Just shifted from our concrete ponds are these two 3A Golden Heads (50%-60% coverage) - 24K Gold on right (please mention Fish no. 1) and Sapphire Gold on left, 15-17 inches (please mention Fish no. 2).

The Sapphire Gold GH is now at the top, 24K Gold GH at the bottom.

A Sapphire Gold 4A Golden Head (80-90% GH) in the fibregrass, ultra good shine but look very carefully and you may realise that its left pectoral fin is slightly smaller than its right pectoral fins. Special offer price for this otherwise superb fish, 12-13 inches (please mention Fish no. 3).

A 24K 4A Golden Head (80-90%) in the fibregrass. Everthing is perfect about this fish ...(please mention Fish no. 4).

Side view of the 24K 3A Golden Head, 15-17 inches from the concrete pond (Fish no. 1).

Side view of the Sapphire Golden 3A Golden Head, 15-16 inches from the concrete pond (Fish no. 2).

Top view of some young 24K Gold AA++ (20-30% THICK golden lines) on offer at the farm, 12-13 inches at S$550 each, minimum 3 fishes.