2014 CNY Special Promo 2

Dear All,
In the course of conducting the recent CNY Special Promo, again, we have received some special requests. This time, its for our mid-sized Xbacks. And so we have painstakingly sorted 5pcs of mid sized Xbacks from the concrete tanks. These 15-17 inches, almost 3 years old Mid-sized xbacks all have 90-100% full crossing on their backs, perfect finnages, little pearlies and strong colouoration. If you check on our Promo last year, these fishes were advertised for S$888 or S$988 then. Now, for this CNY Special Promo, prices will be reduced to well below S$799, so do PM us for the best pricing.

As with the previous Promo, this sales will only last for a limited period only (15th-22nd Jan) or when fishes have all been booked, whichever is earlier. Interested supporters may book via placing a 50% depost for any SINGLE FISH. If deposits are placed through an UOB ATM, we will receive your funds instantly. For all other local banks' ATM, do allow 3 working days excluding weekends and PH for us to receive your funds. Likewise, if you have an internet online bank account, you can also transfer funds to us. Once you have done the transfer, kindly scan or take a picture of the Transfer Receipt and email it to sales@dragonfish.com for our confirmation.

Once we have received your confirmation, we will announce that your desired fish has been reserved specially for you. And you may collect the fish before 28th January (due to CNY celebrations) if you are busy these few days. The 50% deposit, however, is non-refundable but can be used to purchase another DFI fish if your second choice fish has not yet been reserved. Once fishes had been collected, they are not exchangeable, so kindly inspect your chosen fish properly before leaving our farm's premises.

Lastly, this 2014 CNY Special Promo is yet another way of DFI saying 'Thank You' to our local Singaporean supporters. As these quality xbacks are limited in stocks and are sold at very very good prices, do PM to inform us of which fish you prefer and we would quote you accordingly. Last but not least, do keep a lookout for tomorrow's pictures of 10 smaller sized Xbacks with superb quality - our last offering for this CNY! First-come First-served basis. Thanks for viewing.

Mrs Goh

For these 5 mid-sized Xbacks, only fish nos. 1, 2 and 5 have thick golden lines on their heads. Picture depicts fish no. 5's back portion.

Picture shows fish no. 1's back portion.

Fish no. 1 - This gold based xback has full pearlies, a bullet head and long pectoral fins. Thick golden lines are also present on its head region (see picture 2 in this posting). Approx. 16-17 inches.

Fish no. 2 - This seemingly gold based xback also has a great body shape - higher and broader body. Finnages are all perfectly straight and thick golden lines are present on its head region. But during catching, one of its barbels was injured and shortened. No worries, it will grow back in no time. A small discount will apply. Approx. 16-17 inches.

Fish no. 3 - This Emerald Blue xback, too, has a great body shape - higher and broader. It's finnages are all perfect, but there are no golden lines on its head region. However, its great shine compensates all! Approx. 16-17 inches.

Fish no. 4 - This Sapphire Gold has a very High Body, full pearlies and coupled with larger 3 back fins. From the picture, the fish does look very golden but at most angles, the purplish core of the fish could easily be seen. Also no golden lines on its head region. Approx. 16-17 inches.

Fish no. 5 - This obvious Sapphire Gold is almost 100% perfect in all senses - from a nice Bullet head, higher body, deep colouration, fine pearlies, perfect finnages to thick golden lines on head. For a look of its back portion, please refer to picture 1 in this posting. Approx. 16-17 inches.