A Preview of fishes going to Tahiti, French Polynesia

Dear All,
Here is a preview of fishes going to Tahiti, French Polynesia in mid March, 2014. Here's hoping that our regular client would be happy with the 10 Xbacks and 20 Ruby Reds which we had selected for him.

Enjoy viewing these new pictures, taken just this morning (4th March, 2014). Cheers!

Mrs Goh

An Unique Scale Formation xback with neatly arranged scales - rare specimen!

Yet another Unique Scale Formation xback with scissors bite mouth and fine pearlies.

Comm of Rose Gold Xbacks, crossbreed between Xbacks and Reds. Appreciate its Higher Bodies and Bullet Heads?

A typical Rose Gold Xback with purplish base core and fine pearlies - shape of a Red but with shine of a Xback.

An unmistakable 24K Gold with yellow rimmed scales, yellow throat and fine pearlies.

Close up shot of the 24K Gold's head region, Solid Gold Bar!

Yet another 24K Gold with Bullet head, fine pearlies and a large fan shaped tail.

A quality Xback with very fine and full pearlies!

Ruby Reds with diamond shaped tails and sharp pointed heads.