A Busy Week in March, 2014

Dear All,
This second week of March, 2014 is yet another busy week for our farm. With two exports almost back to back, and within a span of merely two days from each other, we are indeed stressed to the max ... But, we are nevertheless, very happy that we are busy selling our captive bred Xbacks and Reds.

Do enjoy taking in these new pictures, Cheers and thanks to those of you whom had supported our farm!

Mrs Goh

The first shipment was on Tuesday, 11th March. Sorry that focus was on our staff's hands instead of on our 24K Gold xbacks (20-30% Golden Lines on Heads), ha ha.

Sealed by the AVA security seals, ready to go.

A total of 9 cartons, carrying some 30 fishes that would make our farm proud.

The second shipment on 13th March, checked and sealed!

Only 4 cartons for this second shipment of the week, totalling 20 fishes.

A regular sight of the AVA Inspection Officer's car in our farm premises.