7 Golden Heads for Overseas & Local Sales

Dear All,
Due to their higher demand, we rarely have Golden Head Xbacks for sale. But due to some recent enquiries from overseas, we have managed to hand picked 7pcs of defects free, Golden Head Xbacks for export, or local sales.

The first 5 pcs of 12-14 inch 24K Gold GH have 70-80% coverage on their Heads (hence, graded AAA+). The remaining 2 pcs of 14-16 inch Emerald GH have 90-95% coverage on their Heads (hence, graded AAAA). Prices are upon enquiry, hence, please PM or email us at sales@dragonfish.com. But as stocks are very low, these Golden Heads are based on First come First served basis. Happy Good Friday! Many thanks for viewing.

Mrs Goh

Some of the 12-14 inches 24K Gold Xbacks, with 70-80% Golden Head coverage on their heads. Yellow throat as well as scissors bite mouths, too.

Among the 5pcs of AAA+ graded GHs, some are slight Spoon Heads while some are Bullet heads type - take your pick?

Almost full pearlies for all the Golden Heads. Very high bodies for the hind two fishes, too.

A rather Spoon Head Golden Head with 70-80% GH coverage. Full pearlies, too.

The last two pcs of Emerald Blue Golden Heads, with about 90-95% coverage on their heads. The top piece even has some Unique Scale Formation while the bottom piece has a very High & sturdy body shape. And full pearlies for both fishes, nonetheless.

Top view of the Unique Scale Formation (top) and High bodied Xback (bottom). Sorry for the blurry picture.

Managed to take video of the AAA+ (70-80% GH) to share. One part shows the top head region while the other shows the side view of the fishes.

Enjoy these short video clips ...
Mrs Goh