Introducing P14 Stingrays.

Dear All,
We have two pairs of P14 pups for sale. Bought as P14 (imported from Germany) and thus, will sell as such - so please do not ask us if they are Galaxy or Royal Galaxy, ha ha. Size is about 5 inches and are happily feeding on market prawns.

As you all may already know, P14 stingrays will morph in 3 stages - from light brownish at birth (4-5 inches) to some whitish spots in spider web like lines (6-8 inches) and finally, a very black base with many white spots (9-10 inches and above). And to continue to keep your P14 as beautiful as ever, do keep them in a white tank environment, just like the Black Diamond rays since they are like chameleons, and will blend their body colour to suit its environment.

For export or local sales, do PM or email for details. No individual sales and we only sell them in pairs of a male and a female. Many thanks for viewing, Happy Easter.

Mrs Goh

Male pups in their first stage with brownish base.

Under belly shot of the two male pups.

Female pups always grow faster, with the left one in the second stage and the right one, almost in its third stage (close to 6 inches).

Under belly shot of the two female pups.

Close up of its slightly pointed up tails.

Tank shot of the two male pups.

Tank shot of the two female pups.