A New Shipment to Canada

Dear All,
After an absence of a few years, DFI fishes are once again back in Canada. A thousand thanks to Vince, our new agent for making this possible. All fishes have been specially hand picked and extra precautions have been exercised to ensure that each and every customer receiving a DFI xback or red will be more than pleased.

Though the wait for a Singapore CITES export permit is only 2 short days, the wait for a Canadian CITES import permit took some two long months to get approved in Ottawa, the beautiful capital of Canada. Hence, though orders had been placed and confirmed in early March, the actual shipment only took place more than 2 months later, ie on 22rd May, 2014. Do enjoy these new pictures we have just taken. Cheers!

Mrs Goh

Top view of a 24K Gold AA++ Xback, about 11-12 inches long.

A larger specimen of the Ruby Red, about 10-11 inches long.

Top view of a younger Ruby Red, about 7-8 inches long.

A DFI Royal or Emerald Blue Xback, AA grade, about 7-8 inches.

Empty carton boxes waiting to be filled up.

Due to the relatively longer distance travelled, a carton would contain a maximum of only 3 fishes.