Today, 28 August 2001, being a real auspicious date, we had chose to do something which we rarely do , that is, to pry open a brooder's mouth in a glass tank environment. Though we had tried once before, during the Taiwanese Delegation visit, but the brooder jumped over a metre down to the concrete floor! And the photos taken then did not turn out too well either. Thus, we thought of giving it a second shot, here it is, to share with you all. We almost got what we want this time, ie, to capture the magical moment of the fry coming out from the father's mouth cavity. Let's enjoy!

At around 9.15am, an AVA officer, Mr Khoo (centre) was driven to our farm by AVA's driver. Most of our fry harvests were conducted by a Mr Teo, but he was busy today, so comes Mr Khoo.

Using clear filtered water from our Quarantine Building, we filled a 3ft tank 75% full. And by fast and swift actions, we managed to place a 6 year old RTG male brooder into the tank without much problem. The 'washed out' colour is due to over exposure to sunlight but this specimen has already developed colour on its 5th row scales.

The picture that is worth a thousand dollars, at least, to DFI! Hard to explain our excitement, we found 3 week old wriggling fries in the brooder's mouth cavity. Note the slanting eyes is due to the holding of a large brood inside its mouth.

After the brooder has calmed down, in a decisive and gentle manner, William prys open the brooder's mouth by loosening its jaws.

With a splash, out come part of the fries! Due to paternal instinct, the brooder will struggle to be set free from William's hands. All the people, including Julia the photographer's hearts' start to beat much faster than normal!

In this picture, you could see a struggling male brooder and much more fries had been released by now.

Double checking that no other fries is in his cavity as sometimes, one or two fry will swim back into the mouth due to a sense of danger.

A much relaxed scene with William counting and counting ......the fry, putting them into the plastic bag. A total of 39 fries for today's harvest, all about 2 inches long. Not bad at all, I must say. God Bless!

A final look at these tiny tots before they are being transferred to their new home. That's all for this harvest, thank you for sharing.