An Export of 45 Arowanas to an Asian Country

Dear All,
Due to the preparation and launching of the DFI Xbacks GSS Sales, 2014, the posting of these export pictures had been delayed from 17th June till today, 25th June. Our sincerest apologies for that.

Do enjoy these one week old photos, taken either before or during the export packing. And our clients had already emailed us to confirmed that these fishes have all arrived in very good condition. Thus, needless to say, our clients are very happy about this. We hereby wish them the very best in their new sales of these DFI hand picked arowanas (since they had no time to fly here to choose).

Thank you all for reading. Many thanks indeed.

Mrs Goh

A young xback with larger than usual 3 back fins.

A comm of selected 7-8 inch young Xbacks, just before tagging.

Though still very young, pearlies are beginning to form. Perfect body shape and finnages, too.

Some other selected high shine and high gold intensity Xbacks. All with perfect pectoral fins and scissors bite mouths.

Some selected 9-10 inch Ruby Reds.

A very high bodied Ruby Red with red lips and red barbels.

A total of 12 cartons for the 45 fishes.

One Ruby Red in one bag, with a sticker bearing its unique tag number.

A young Royal Blue Xback with high shine and spoon head.

Our staff busy with pumping sufficient Oxygen into the bags.