A shipment to the Philippines(一个出口到菲律宾的过程)

Dear All,
Though our Philippines client is usually too busy to come to our farm for fish selection, it does not mean that we could rest on our laurels and be a little lax on our fish selection criterion. In fact, it is the reverse - since the responsiblilty of selecting the best possible fishes has been entrusted to us, we would have to do our very best in order not to disappoint our supportive client.

Thank you all for reading and looking at these newly taken pictures.

Mrs Goh

虽然我们的菲律宾客户通常是太忙, 没有来我们的鱼场选择鱼,但这并不意味着我们 可以松懈. 事实上,它是反向 -为了不辜负总是支持我们的客户, 我们不得不竭尽所能在选择龙鱼的过程, 只选最好的, 最优质的!



A high bodied BMB xback with huge finnages (top), one of our cheapest Xback variety. An Emerald Blue Xback is at the bottom.
身高体宽的武吉美拉过背(BMB Xbacks),是我们最便宜的过背品种之一(在顶部)。一尾中等价的翡翠蓝过背 (Emerald Xbacks) 在底部。

A tankful of young Sapphire Gold xbacks, with most displaying some thick Golden Lines on their heads.
重金质的蓝宝石过背(Sapphire Xbacks)是我们比较贵的过背品种之一. 此批头上大部分已经显示一些厚金线。

A quality 24K Gold Xback, with the ultimate shine & scissors bite mouth!

Fishes undergoing anaesthesia before the tagging process.
过背在接受麻醉过程 。

Moments later, they are all soundly asleep.

We would then have to act fast, and tag each and every Xback, almost in lightning speed.
然后,我们就必须以闪电般的速度, 迅速打晶片进入每尾过背的左肩里.

The 24K Gold Xback recovering from the anaesthesia effect.
没有一会儿, 24K金过背已经从麻醉中醒来.

After checking that all fishes' tag numbers tally with that of the CITES export permit Tag List, the AVA inspecting officer would paste security stickers on each & every carton box.
新加坡鱼农业政府人员(AVA) 检查所有鱼的晶片号码是否与CITES出口许可证晶片列表相同? 如果是,才 可以出口. 最后,AVA人员将防伪标贴贴在每个纸箱的顶部和底部 - 算是很严格的做法!

Our 3 staff busy with the packing of fishes. The AVA officer is in a white T and blue jeans.
我们的3名工作人员忙着包装。照片中的白T和蓝色牛仔裤是AVA检查人员也 (背对着摄像头)。

The car with the unmistakable AVA logo.
拥有AVA标志的汽车, 无误是新加坡鱼农业政府人员的汽车