The original source of all Super Reds - Pontianak, West Kalimantan

Dear All,

Though our Mr William Goh has been to Pontianak, West Kalimantan in Indonesia several times in the early 2000's, this was my first visit to the original source of the Super Reds. After a short transit in Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, we boarded another plane which took us direct to Pontianak, provincial capital of the West Kalimantan state of Indonesia, located on the island of Borneo.

The trip was sort of an eye opener to us and though its more of a Business trip, we did thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during the short but somewhat tiring trip. Enjoy these new pictures taken in the first week of August, 2014.

In the meantime, we are looking for two local Singapore petshops to sell these imported Indonesian Reds, one for Farm A's fishes and one for Farm B's fishes (hence, no direct competition between the two shops). However, minimum order is 10 fishes per selection at our farm and its Cash & Carry basis, no consignment, sorry. Do PM or email to for more details. Cheers!

Mrs Goh

An aerial view of the famed, Kapuas River, where the Super Reds thrived in the wild.

Approaching the port city of Pontianak, the provincial capital of West Kalimantan state in Indonesia.

After almost a whole day's of travelling, finally landed at the new Pontianak airport.

Though most Arowana farms are situated by the Kapuas River, access to farms is sometimes via boats.

Farm A's outdoor breeding ponds, picture taken at sunset.

Huge, huge outdoor breeding ponds.

Some Super Red brooders hiding underneath some covers.

Two Super Reds pairing off?

Gigantic pumps draining water direct from the Kapuas River into the farm.

Farm A's fishes are about 10-12 inches, all fed on live fishes, no shrimps. We thus selected these fishes based on their superb body shape - High & broad, Spoon Head, longer pectoral fins, larger 3 back fins etc. (sorry for the blurry fish pictures as they were taken with a Hand Phone)

Farm A's superb Spoon Head Chilli Reds, about 10-12 inches. As its red colour would come sooner or later, we chose these fishes based on body shape which is inborn, and very difficult to change. Needless to say, we would start feeding them bee shrimps once in our farm.

Farm B's Chilli Reds - Higher & shorter body, also Spoon Head, about 8-9 inches. In contrast, Farm B's fishes are all fed frozen bee shrimps, hence, they appear more red.

Farm B's Blood Reds - Longer body with longer pectoral fins, and a larger Tail fin. Size is also 8-9 inches.

Tagging process at Farm A.

Farm A - Spoon Head Chilli Reds 10-12 inches, right after tagging. Fed on live fishes, hence, these fishes may not appear very red at first glance. But think long term after you have started to feed them prawns ...

Farm B - Blood Reds 8-9 inches with longer bodies, longer pectoral fins and a larger Tail fin.

Farm C - lucky enough to catch a Super Red brooder early in the morning!

Farm C with very natural surroundings, almost like a tourist resort!

Farm C Pre-Order 35-40cm Spoon Head Chilli Reds at Introductory price of S$19XX each only! (prices are for Singapore Cash & Carry only, does not apply to Exports). This Pre-Order will close one week later, ie 22nd August, 2014. Hurry, make your bookings now via PM or email to and pay only 50% deposit now. All fishes are confirmed defects free (otherwise, deposit to refund), Spoon Head with broad body, some colour on cheeks etc. These fishes are estimated to reach Singapore at the end of August, 2014. Finally, please note that this Pre-Order offer is only a One-time Special, very unlikely to be repeated.

Dear all, Sorry for the delay! As Farm C do not have enough tanks for individual fishes, they are not able to capture fish photos or videos one by one. But fret not, since all 11pcs are from the same batch, they all bear 90-95% similiar characteristics! Only the bottom fish with the most gill plate colour costs S$300 extra, all other fishes are priced specially at S$18XX for this introductory offer. Order closes this Thursday, fish to be selected based on booking sequence. Many thanks, Mrs Goh