Private Collection BDs 1M/2Fs (Aug 2014)

Dear All,
Due to limited space for new BD arrivals and new imports of Red arowanas, we are 'sacrificing' some private collection of BDs. As these are obviously higher end BDs, they certainly do not come cheap, too. So if you are after such higher quality BDs and are willing to pay more for quality, do PM or email to and let's discuss ... no obligations, or whatsoever.

Thank you all for reading. Cheers!

Mrs Goh

A young Male Black Diamond (BD) ray, 8 inches. As you can see, spots are very big and very white, too. Fed on frozen fishes and market prawns.

Almost full under belly spots for the above Male BD, 8 inches.

A close up shot of the above Male BD's short paddle tail.

A just as high quality Female BD ''A'', also at close to 8 inches. To be paired with the above male, this single female is thus not for single sales. Sorry.

Tail pictures of the Female BDs ''A'' and ''B''.

Another spare Female BD ''B''. Either to be bought as a package with the above BD pair (ie 1M/2F) or can be bought singly. Also 8 inches.