An Export of 50 Xbacks to Shanghai, China (Sept, 2014)


Hi all,

Though we have been stretched almost to our fullest capacity for this Shanghai, China shipment, we still never forget to snap some pictures for all to share. After a stressful few days, these fishes have finally landed safely in Pudong Airport, Shanghai - and this is all that matters I guess. Do enjoy these newly taken pictures. Cheers!

Mrs Goh


尽管我们在百忙之中,我们仍然花一些时间来拍了一些我们认为不错的照片供你们观看和享受. 谢谢大家的阅读和观看这些新拍摄的照片。


Measuring 35-38cm, these are our beloved Xbacks - Strong gold intensity and admirable little pearls.

身高体宽的35-38cm过背是我们的最爱! 重金质和那羡慕死人的小珠鳞!

Very high gold intensity are these 35-38cm Xbacks, close to perfection!

有很高光泽的35-38cm过背, 近乎完美!

High gold intensity, full pearlies and scissors bite mouth, 33-35cm.

有很高的光泽, 丰满小珠鳞, 合吻嘴的33-35cm过背.

Another Bullet Head high bodied Xback, 35-38cm.

另一尾身高体宽的炮弹头过背, 35-38cm.

Rarely seen Spoon Head Xback, 35-38cm.

比较少见的汤匙头过背, 35-38cm.

Thick Golden Lines on Head.


Am I beautiful?


Implanting the microchip.

植入晶片 ..

The biggest Xback of the shipment, 38cm (15 inches)!

测量长度, 38cm!

Slightly smaller at 33cm (13 inches).

相对较小, 33cm.

A dream Xback?


Head with Thick golden lines, high gold intensity Xback.

头带粗金线, 重金质的过背.

Purple based, thin frame Xback, only 30cm (12 inches).

紫底, 细框和已经过背, 仅仅30cm.

Thicker frame and already crossed at 30cm.

粗框和已经过背, 也是30cm.

Side view picture.


An unique Xback with 30% thick Golden Lines on Head, only 30cm (12 inches).

独一无二, 头带30%粗金线的过背,仅仅30cm.

More comfortable lying in this position!

躺直这个方式, 更舒适!

Carton boxes filled up with bags of fishes, awaiting for AVA officers to inspect them.


AVA Officer's car.


AVA Officer (in dark blue T shirt) double checking on the fishes tag numbers.