A larger shipment of 76 Xbacks.

Hi all,

Surprisingly, we have ended October, 2014 with a loud bang, ie an export of 76 Xbacks to a neighbouring country. Fishes were hand picked by us as our client is simply too busy to visit us in Singapore. So, we are being left with the task of picking out only the very best for our trusting clients, hoping they would be happly with our selection of quality DFI bred, Xback Goldens for them.

True enough, after a short flight, we had received a phone message from our cleint saying that everything was in order and they are indeed very happy with our selection of fishes. They then went on to tell us that another new order is pending in a few weeks time! This goes to show the trust our client had bestowed upon us and fortunately, DFI did not let them down.

As for us, we are of course too happy to be busy throughout the whole month of October, 2014. Do enjoy these pictures taken just a few days ago, before the actual export on 30th October, 2014. DFI appreciates your support, as always.

Mrs Goh

An unique specimen of a 15cm Xback with high shine and larger than normal, 3 back fins.

Probably the sibling of the above batch, seems to be saying ''Áre you looking at me?''

Some 18-20cm Xbacks selected for our trusting client.

Another tankful of high bodied, high shine 20cm Xbacks.

Pearlies are already evident in these 20cm Xbacks.

Xback small

Xback big

Our packing room has been filled to the brim ...

Staff busy packing with two AVA officers checking each and every tagged Xback.

Sealed with an ever familiar AVA security seal.

76 Xbacks packed in a total of 14 cartons, all set and ready to go.