Adult Reds for Sales

Hi all,

Once in a while, we do receive requests for Adult arowanas. And so here we are, just ''harvested'' two Adult Red arowanas from our mud ponds. These two fishes are around 8 years old and are most likely, males. Both fishes are around 23-24 inches (based on measurements at the mud ponds). Stringent checkes have been done to ensure that these two fishes are free of defects.

In addition to yesterday's videos, here are some extra pictures for your viewing pleasure. Do PM or email to for their best prices. Many thanks for your forthcoming support.

Mrs Goh

Fish in tank 7 - picture taken at the mud pond. Fish in tank 6 was too jumpy, hence, no pictures of him at the mud pond.

Fish in tank 7 - Blood Red with a greater body shape with larger 3 back fins, too.

Fish in tank 7 - another look at the above fish from a different angle. Is this considered a ''wrapped tail'' fish, ie very large 3 back fins that appear almost joined together?

Fish in tank 6 - Blood Red with the purportedly famed, Green Skin/Scale? Body shape is not as high as fish in tank 7 but it has longer pectorals, almost like a plane flying (see its video?).

Fish in tank 6 - Another look at this Charming Prince!