Citra Reds are here, 16th January, 2015

Dear all,
Selected these fishes on 26th December, 2014 and about 3 weeks later, the Citra Reds are finally here. The Garuda flight was on time and had arrived in Singapore at 2.20pm sharp. But to truck out the shipment and to let AVA Officers scan each and every imported Red at the Changi Airport, took another few hours. To make matters worst, after office hours traffic had delayed our driver further. So by the time we had received the shipment, it was close to 7pm.

Some of these fishes may look a little skinny now because of the routine starving just before any shipment to clear their bowels so water will not turn bad during the cargo transit. But no worries as our staff will help to pump them up! Do PM or email to to purchase these Citra beauties. For local purchase, its only via advance appointment and our terms is - Cash & Carry (ie no Credit cards nor Personal Cheques).

Many thanks for the kind support! Happy Weekend!

Mrs Goh

Cartons of Citra Reds upon arrival after two flights on the same day, ie from Pontianak to Jakarta, and from Jakarta to Singapore.

The Short Body Citra Chilli Red, 8 inches. Extra long pectorals and bigger than usual, tail.

What a pose - the same Short Body Citra as above.

The other Short Body Citra Blood Red, about 5-6 inches. Cute looking indeed!

Citra Chilli Reds with Spoon Head, deep blue core and larger 3 back fins. About 8-9 inches.

The Limited Edition - Citra Chilli Reds, about 8-9 inches (same as above picture).

Citra Blood Reds, about 6 inches. All comes with longer pectoral fins, and larger tails. Citra farm Certificates will indicate these as 'Blood Red'.

Citra Chilli Reds, about 6 inches, too. All with slight Spoon Heads, and a shorter but broader body. All 6 inches Citra Blood reds and Chilli reds are to be priced the same, since they are all regarded as Super Reds (ie Grade 1 Reds).