We are happy to use a different mode to capture the harvesting of RTG in a tank, this time, by using a videocam. Until we are experienced in handling a brooder, we will continue to experiment with RTGs' harvest, as Xbacks and Chilli reds are too costly to take risks for.
The fact is, every time a brooder is being brought out of the pond and placed in a tank, minimal riskes are involved, like brooder jumping out of the tank, knocking itself against a hard object etc.
Just to share with you all, these happier moments....... Thank You for sharing.

A 6 year old, male brooder, nicknamed 'One dot gold' - a gold dot on its back. Note the colouration has developed on the 5th row, starting on the 6th, near the dorsal fin area. The good thing about this fish is, it has got a very broad and long body, nice sharp pointed head, too.

A small pouch in the lower jaw indicates a relatively smaller brood. The fish was penting, constantly opeing its mouth, hence, we could take a peek at the fries inside. Notice that he has got deep red eyes?!

The moment we have all been waiting for!!! Fries were one and a half inches long, with very large egg sacs. Total brood, only 28pcs.

The next day, all brooders were happily swimming around in their new pond. See the crystal clear water? That's all for now, enjoy the video clip, if you have the time. Thanks.

Click here to download a 1 megabit MPEG video of the harvest.

Have a good time on us! Enjoy.....