Cahaya Reds are here, 23rd January, 2015

Dear all,
Finally, the Cahaya Reds are here! After waiting for about a month, since selection was done on Christmas Day 2014, these renowned Reds are actually here at our farm! Usually, it would take us only about 2 weeks to receive the shipment from the selection date. But red tape in Indonesia had caused a two week delay this time - something which is totally unexpected. Hence, our apologies to those of you who were waiting for the Shelook as well as the Cahaya shipments.

The Cahaya shipment, like the earlier Citra shipment, had also arrived at our farm around 7pm. So inevitably, our staff and us have to overtime till 9pm. For local purchase, its only via advance appointment and our terms is - Cash & Carry (ie no Credit cards, no NETS nor Personal Cheques). Apologies for the slight inconvenience. For Overseas export, please consult your nearest DFI Agent (if there is one) or email to for more details.

Many thanks for the forthcoming support! Once again, here's wishing everyone a Happy Weekend!

Mrs Goh

The biggest of the mid-sized Cahaya Reds, named Fish A. At approx. 15-16 inches, colour on its gill plate and scale rims are already obvious. As these fishes was not subjected to much tanning in Indonesia, you may start your tanning routine right away.

Fish A is almost SUMO like - stout & very HIGH body with an obvious spoon head. Both the Colour on gill plate and scale rims are pretty prominent in this picture.

Fish B is about 15 inches, only a tad smaller than fish A. Obvious spoon head with a long and broad body. Both colour on gill plate and scale rims are also obvious for this fish but not captured well by this lousy photographer - apologies indeed.

The same Fish B as above. Perhaps both the colour on gill plate and scale rims are a little more obvious in this picture? Hope to do more justice to this gorgeous fish.

Fish C is the smallest among all the 3 mid-sized Cahaya Reds, about 14 incehs. Nice body shape, well arranged scales and a prominent spoon head, too.

The same Fish C as above. Nice spoon head coupled with a well balanced body shape are what makes this fish stand out!

Cahaya Blood Reds with longer pectoral fins and a nice fan shaped tail, 7 inches.

A trio of Cahaya Blood Reds with longer pectorals, longer barbels and scissors bite mouths.

Cahaya's Limited Edition Chilli Reds with a Diamond shaped tail. All Cahaya Chilli and Blood reds will be priced the same though since they are all classified under "Super Reds".

Another 7 inch Cahaya Chilli Red with the rarer and much sought after, Diamond shaped tail.