A Shipment to Toronto, Canada, 2nd February 2015

Dear all,
In preparation for an impending shipment to Toronto, Canada next week (2nd February, 2015), we thought we would like to share with you guys, some photos of the fishes to be ship there, a sort of a 'Preview'. A Canadian hobbyists who is starting a comm tank of 10 Shelook Reds and a Golden Head Xback, had teamed up with his local fish importer. So together, they made up a shipment of 25 Shelook Reds and 1 Xback.

The Canadian CITES in Ottawa would normally take about 6 weeks to process and approve a CITES import permit in Canada. This, in contrast with the rest of the World, is indeed very long and tedious when Hong Kong takes only about 3 days and Japan, 5-7 days to approve a CITES import permit. And to make matters worst, more time is needed to courier the Permit from Ottawa to the applicant's desired address and this takes up even more time.

The Shelook Reds are about 11-13 inches, all kept in white fibregrasses previously. Now, they have been shifted to black tanks for about a week, well conditioned for the long journey of more than 30 hours to reach Toronto, Canada. We hereby wish them a Bon Voyage!

Many thanks for reading.

Mrs Goh

A very high bodied Spoon Head Shelook Red with a perfect scissors bite mouth. Colour is up till the 6th row, too.

A Shelook Red doing the usual strectching exercise before the long journey.

A Shelook Red with a well balanced Body shape and colour up to its back. Rim colour is developing but not captured by this photographer.

The most stout looking Spoon Head of the Shelook Reds ...Simply Majestic!

Top view of the 24K Gold Golden Head, 80-90% GH.

Side view of the Spoon Head 24K Gold Xback with full pearlies.

A total of 9 cartons are standing by to be filled up with fishes on Monday 2nd Feb, but arriving Tuesday, 3rd Feb in Canada. The red coloured Shelook certs are obvious in each box.

AVA's new security seals were then placed on the top as well as on the bottom of each carton boxes.