As mentioned in our 'The Millennium Dragon' book, figures, 8, 9, 18, 28 are all very auspicious numbers, in Feng Shui's beliefs. Here we are, on an auspicious day, 28 September 2001, managed to capture on camera what we deemed 'The Magical Moment'! That is, prying the brooder's mouth, seeing the fries coming out in that few seconds. It's always not easy to capture this particular scene as the brooders normally put up a fierce struggle while protecting its fries inside its mouth cavity. Thus, to us, its a mission well accomplished.
Our lucky star, Mr Teo of AVA was here to witness today's harvests. For the first brooder, we succeeded but not the second one whom is much more aggressive while handling him. These pictures will always be treasured by DFI as it is highly unlikely, we will want to risk the brooders' life in such a manner, for our future harvests.
Once again, thank you all for sharing.

Note our high back RTGs. All have colouration up to the 5th row scales, with some even developing on the edges of the 6th.

The first brooder, suspected to be a female due to the body shape and mouth shape, is rather 'cooperative' and 'demure'. She did not put up a very strong struggle today, hence, enabling us to succeed in what we had set out to achieve. Note the two black lines in its lower jaw area, its due to a huge brood.

Side view of the brooder, with 5th row colour well developed, even 'climbing up' 6th row scales. The large pouch is very evident in this picture.

A close up view of the 'demure' mother. With her penting, we could almost see fries swimming in her mouth!

Getting ready to harvest, here we go...........hearts pounding faster and faster!

Out they come, finally captured 'THE' Magical Moment! All fries were around 3 inches, with no evident egg sac, all free swimming.

More came out, but still......more to come! Must be a large brood, we thought. But, it is, a total of 39 fries.

See what we mean by risks? One dead fry, due to the fry swimming back to its mother's mouth and the mother closes it's mouth, killing the poor fry. It is, therefore, much safer to harvest in the mud pond where the brooder is not as stressed out, as in this instance.

The second brooder, thought to be a male, with deep red eyes. To our astonishment, its mouth cavity was even more protruding, suggesting an even biggger brood! In our minds, we were thinking, Oh thank god, for your kind blessings!

Close up view reveals small fries' tiny little eyes. They must be sensing danger, wondering what is going to happen next..............fear not, fear not, you will all be well taken care of. DFI guarantees!

A very aggressive male, putting William through several attempts, before all fries were finally released.

Same as the earlier batch, this batch also yielded us 3 inch free swimming fries. And we were right, it is indeed a bigger brood, a total of 43 fries. Today's net result, 82 fries.