AAA & AA Grade Xbacks and Ruby reds.

It has been sometime since we last post up pictures of imported Ruby reds and DFI captive bred premium xbacks. Here it is, our latest offering to our supporters.
All DFI premium xbacks will each bear a specially selected, golden tag number from our new 8000 series tags. These are mostly gold based xbacks, though we are not 100% sure since they are all only 6-6.5 inches. But one thing is for sure, all come with uncompromised 24 K gold intensity!
AAA Xback = Complete colour on the sixth row scales at 7 inches or smaller, with shinning little pearls fully developed. Availability, very rare.
AA Xback = Complete colour on the fifth row at 7 inches or smaller, little pearls rather obvious. Availability, rather rare.

Hope you would enjoy, browsing through all the beautiful pictures.

For Singapore local sales, please place your booking with
AMAZON PETS Tel 2780138 Mr Steven

For overseas sales, kindly contact your nearest DFI agent. Prices would vary depending on quantity and destination.
Thank you all for your support.

Top view of a AAA grade xback. At only 6.5 inches, note the fully 'cross over' back! Tag number 702088880008288, S$8,888. One piece only!

Sold to Mr Ng G K, a Singaporean.

The above same fish. Its very very rare that a xback of this size have its colour fully developed. Thus, this is an exceptional piece of fish.

The same fish again. Scales are all neatly arranged, with shinny little pearls near the dorsal fin fully developed. Its probably a gold based xback, hence, colour development is much faster than a Blue based one. (We are sorry that this picture is overexposed)

AA Grade xback, S$4888. Tag ending 8128. Photo is not well taken, we are sorry about this. But, you could still see that its 5th row colour had been fully developed, with little pearls visible. Colour on the 6th row has only just begun.

AA Grade xback, S$4,888. Tag ending 8099. Fish has very nice long and broad body, with 5th row colour complete and 6th row starting.

AA Grade xback, S$4,888. Tag ending 8080. Fish is smaller but colour is very intense. Colour is full on 5th and had already begun on the 6th.

AA Grade xback, S$4,500. Tag ending 8108. Photo is not sharp but colour is 100% developed on the 5th row.

AA Grade xback, S$4,888. Tag ending 8089. Colour is strong for this smaller fish and little pearls are all visible. Full colour on 5th row, beginning on the 6th.

AA Grade xback, S$5,688. Tag ending 8088. Golden numbered fish with the most colour developed on the 6th row, after the AAA grade fish. Body is long and broad, scales neatly arranged. Colour is very intense and little pearls very prominent. (a few scales had fallen off during tagging but would recover in a week or two. )

Ruby red S$3,000 Faint pink colour had already appeared on its cheek. Body is long and broad, with deep blue sheen climbing up its dark back. Birth mark in its lower jaw.

Ruby red S$3,000. A balanced body shape coupled with dark red finnages are the two most important traits of this fish.

Sold to Amazon Pets

Ruby red S$3,000. Ultra high body with deep blue metallic scales.

Ruby red S$3,000. Pinkish gill plate, broad body with nice black markings on its finnages. Scales are neatly arranged too.

Ruby red S$3,000. Slight pinkish gill cover with deep blue sheen on body. Fins are all dark red.

Sold to Amazon Pets

Ruby Red S$3,500. Colour had already appeared on its gill plate. Body is very high, finnages very huge.