Hi all,
It's the time of the year again, when harvests are more often than usual as this is the peak season for arowana spawnings. Though they are known to spawn throughout the year, the end of the year is considered the busiest breeding season. Here we are, on 15 November 2002, together with Mr Alvin Koh of the famed to witness the harvest of our purple based xbacks - the new, SAPPHIRE GOLD.

Though it is a well known fact that our farm is usually not open to visitors, for security and shortage of manpower reasons, we then thought it appropriate to provide some 'insight' to the public, as well as to our overseas supporters, as to what really goes on behind those 'closed doors'. So never say that DFI is unapproachable, we are as a matter of fact, very open about what we do for a living, disclosing information about our breeding, harvests, quanrantine facilities, upbringing of fries, etc etc.

Lastly, be prepared to be mesmerized by the following pictures you are about to see.

A 2 and a half years old Sapphire Gold has its potential fully reached!

The first glimpse of the male brooder, with a bulging lower jaw. This brooder is rather calm as compared to the other brooders we had. Thus, overall, we had a rather 'easy' job, harvesting his babies.

With calming hands, William tries to assure the brooder that everything is going to be OK, it will all be over within a minute, DON'T WORRY!

At 9.15am sharp, William is ready to pry open the brooder's mouth whose two black lines on its lower jaw is very obvious. Can you see?

First successful attempt, a small cluster of fries came pouring out of the brooder's bulging mouth, what a sight to withhold, isn't it?

Refusing to let go of the brooder, William held on to him ensuring that all fries are totally being released, and also, not injured by the struggling father.

The last attempt to clear the brooder's mouth cavity of precious fries. Well, like I said before, this is a rather 'co-operative' brooder, resulting in only one victim.........considered a successful harvest!

Ready to stock take the hard-earned fries, with Mr Alvin Koh (back facing camera, in blue attire) busy taking pictures. Click here for Alvin's detailed report.

Yet another brooder who releases a small brood of fries in the harvest net, only 12pcs this time, but relatively larger in size. That is all arowana farmers' dilemma - to harvest or not to harvest? when to harvest? Too early, and you may get all unhatched eggs which will 100% go to waste. Too late, and you will get too little fries or worse, free swimming ones being eaten by other adults in the same pond! What a headache, isn't it?

Fries measuring only 0.8 inches long, from today's first brooder. All are wriggling away, innocently..........I suppose, probably curious with this wonderful, colourful world of ours.

Just an update, the golden dots seen earlier on an AA grade xback, has now expanded. It is not a very sharp picture, however, you could still figure out. These fishes are to be graded, AA+, same as in Japan.

The traditional way of fish picture taking, under natural sunlight that is, you could see the 5th row scale rims are all covered with colour. And take note, for a fish that merely measures 5.5 inches at most.

Picture of the above same fish. But focus is on its dorsal fin area this time, need I say more? Any interested parties out there in Singapore? You see, we would also like to sell some higher end xbacks to the local market, so people can't always say, 'DFI only exports their very best and leaves normal grades one here'! Any takers, two pcs available, and you may consult Joy Access or Pet Provision for the pricing. One thing for sure, we will certainly mark down the local prices by about 20%, guaranteed! After all, Christmas is coming and its only 2 fishes, right? Hurry............