Hello there,
This is merely to introduce to you all, our newest production of the ROSE GOLD XBACK GOLDEN hybrid fishes. Since these fishes had spawned today for the very first time, we thought it appropriate to share with you all, something new about them.
Of course, the inevitable question from hobbyists would be, how would the fry eventually turn out? Well, as a matter of fact, some will turn out to be like Xbacks with a special hue or base colour, while a smaller handful will turn out to be like Chilli reds but Xback finnages. It all depends on whose genes, the father or the mother, the younger fry takes more from.
Thus, when you are buying such hybrid fishes, you will find it really thrilling to see its growth day by day, and anticipating in the meantime, how it will eventually look like.
Do enjoy yourselves

Click on the photos to see the details.

A F3 generation Red/Xback hybrid, waiting to be transferred to another pond. Note the almost fully crossed back, at the age of 3 and a half years. If you look carefully, its base colour is purplish/red, something you would not see in a pure Xback golden. Special isn't it?

Under anaesthesia just for the photo shoot, this adult hybrid exhibits ultra thin frame gold, along with never-seen-before misty blue core. Something unique indeed.

Yet another adult brooder, with Xback finnages but look at its exotic colour base? A pure Xback will not exhibit such colouration.

A not-so-clear picture, taken right after the brooder spits out his fries, in the presence of an AVA officer. To our surprise, the count from this first time brooder was an astonishing 46pcs!

William, holding the bag of fries in his hand, smiling away ............

Well, we had wanted to hold these fries in our palm for the shot, at least for a change, but trust me, 46pcs is too much to hold in a single hand! Anyway, these wriggling fries are approximately one month old, and they won't be ready for sale till 3-4 months from today. Cheers!