The Sales of Sapphire Gold Xback Goldens

Hello there,
After a four and a half months wait, our first batch of Sapphire golds are now available for sale. To our astonishment, this batch not only displayed ultra shine at a mere 5 inches, but a good majority also have golden patches on their forehead. Thus, most will be graded AA (5th row full) and AA+ (5th row full plus golden head features). Thus, do enjoy the following pictures we had snapped for you.

Click on the photos to see the details.

Under slight anaesthesia are 3 pcs of the young, Sapphire gold xbacks. Such gold intensity at such sheer size is something, out of this world, so to speak! Just awe at those shine...........

A grade AA+ Royal Blue xback, with slight golden head features. This ish is only six and a half inches long, but come with superb colouration.

The above mentioned Royal Blue xback. Colouration had already started to climb to the 6th row, from behind that is. (fish will be available at Clementi LFS on 3 April 2003)

A young Sapphire gold in the swimming style. Its kind of hard to catch a good glimpse of an active fish, nonetheless, see the shine on the 5th row and the gold batch near its eye.

The above same fish but from a different angle. Available for local sales at the LFS as well as for export sales.