One for the record - Blood Red Harvest

Hi Everyone,
This is probably the second time, DFI is posting a harvest of their Red arowanas.........Firstly, Reds do not produce as much as Golds and Greens in our farm, and secondly, see below for the other reason. You would then understand better, as to why we rarely post up Red's read on.

Enjoy and thanks for reading.

Click on the photos to see the details.

At least two persons are required to lay the wide netting in order to corner the adult brooders into a relatively smaller area for detailed checking. This would take approx. 15-20 minutes.

Once done, aluminium poles with sharp edges are used to secure the wide netting to form a higher fencing. This is done so as to prevent the brooders from jumping out of the cornered area. Even though, two brooders jumped out this way ......

Finally, much to our joy, a brooding male was found but just when William was checking on him, he panicks and spills out his brood of fries.........counted and found only 9 fries.

The first thing we had done when the brooder was in the tank, was to scan its tag number for AVA's recording purposes.

Next, as you can see, the brooder puts up a vigorous struggle when William tries to pry open his mouth ............

Pay closer attention to the bottom of the picture, much to our dismay, only two fries came out, and they were probably already dead.............from their broken sacs.

Holding the two dead fries is our staff.

The result of today's harvest, only 9 surviving Blood red arowanas.............what a disappointment I must say!

The male brooder about to be bagged and transferred to another new pond.

Part of the 20 odd or so Red brooders in the same pond. Now, the truth is out - Red arowanas are 'poorer' brooders compared to Golds and Greens. At the slightest irritation, they will either swallow or spill out their fries.........and moreover, they rarely carry their fries to full term! That is the reason why, DFI had always harvested their Reds in the green net cage, ie, in the pond rather than in the glass tank. Harvesting of any dragonfish in the glass tank would entail alot of stress - to the brooder, to the people around it, and worse, injuries to its fries.

What a shame! Only 9 fries for today, not even enough to fill my palm!!!