Sapphires and Rose Golds

Dear All,
Just managed to snap a few shots of our newest batch, Rose Gold Xbacks and Sapphire Gold xbacks. Do enjoy. Thank you.

For Spore local sales - please check with your preferred DFI retailer. For Overseas sales - please place your booking with your DFI agent, if there is one in your country.

Golden Head Sapphire gold adult brooders in the mud pond. The best time to take such pictures seem to be in the early evening when the temperature is somewhat cooler. Age, about 4 years old.

Another closer look at another Sapphire gold xback.

The newest batch of young, 6 inch Sapphire golds. Prominent characteristics are - obvious spoon head, large finnages, deep bluish shine, fully developed little pearls and last but not least, very broad/high body.

Larger-than-normal 3 back finnages. Pearls below the dorsal fin are also obvious at this tender age.

An out-of-water, Rose Gold xback (crossbreed between Red and Xback gold). Though relatively young, at 6 inches, the deep purplish core is rather obvious. Instead of the usual gold rims, you would see more copperish rims instead.