Harvest of the Pahang Gold Xback

Dear All,
Among our various recent harvests, we thought we would like to share with you this special harvest, a harvest of the elusive, Pahang Gold Xback Golden. This 6-7 year old brooder is one irregular brooder, spawning only once a year, much unlike other regular brooders who can sometimes spawn up to 3 or even 4 times a year.

Thus, fries from this brooder are often very treasured by us due to its rarity. Therefore, when its 29 fries are up for sale, about 4-5 months from now, we will annouce 'Pahang Gold 1555' here and you would know immediately that we are referring to today's (22 July 2004) harvest.

Thank you all.

For Spore local sales - please check with your preferred DFI retailer. For Overseas sales - please place your booking with your DFI agent, if there is one in your country.

As with all other harvests, we will have to scan the brooder's tag for the AVA officer's records. This is the first and foremost thing we would do once we have managed to net the brooder.

Take a closer look at this elusive brooder, and admire its wonderful golden features on its forehead.

You could almost see the brooding pouch....take a closer look.

William trying to pry open its lower jaw but trust me, it wasn't an easy task.

The full golden gill plate is very obvious at this angle, and maybe you could even catch a rare glimpse of the brooding pouch?

After successfully extracting out the fries, William is double checking to make sure that its mouth is clear of fries before releasing the brooder back into the pond.

A normal yield of 29 fries, measuring only one inch length.

A standard feature of Singapore CITES farms' arowana harvests, an AVA officer has to be present to check if everything is in order.