Introducing DFI's 'Book By Brooder' Scheme

Dear All,
We are happy to introduce our unique, 'Book By Brooder' scheme (BBB for short) for avid retailers, wholesalers, and hobbyists alike (for hobbyists, kindly approach your favourite LFS and place bookings with them as we are not into retail). Though it is not an industry norm to show the arowana's parents (well, at least one parent in this case, usually the father), we thought it might just help some hobbyits/retailers to better select their favourtie fish/ fish stock since alot of the young fries (though not all) would somehow grow to resemble their parents when fully grown.

Advantages of this scheme -
1. Get to see how one of the parents look like
2. Get harvest date shown on the Certificate (in addition to Certificate issuing date)
3. Get brooder's last four-digit tag shown on the Certificate. However, we have to quantify something - that we are NOT providing this special service to all our harvested batches. Only a handful of the selected harvests would enjoy these privileges. Hence, do take advantage of this 'BBB Scheme' while you can.

Thank you all for reading.

PS These batches will only be available 4-5 months from August 2004. As such, we would annouce here again once they are ready for sale. Kindly mention brooder's last 4 digit tag number and their corresponding harvest date when ordering.

For Spore local sales - please check with your preferred DFI retailer. For Overseas sales - please place your booking with your DFI agent, if there is one in your country.

An F3 Generationon Emerald Blue Xback, producing F4 generation fishes. We would usually scan the brooder first for AVA's recording purposes.

A young brooder with ultra-thin frame scales ........A total of 25 fries was harvested on 06 August 2004. Mention tag F104 and the harvest date while ordering.

Out come the fries, it wasn't that difficult for this brooder.

A full body shot of those bluish-green sheen scales .....broad body with very thin gold frame.

A second brooder for 06 August 2004, a Sapphire Gold Xback. A total of 38 fries from this "Good' brooder. Mention tag 1545 and the harvest date while ordering.

Staying calm only for the moment, take a peep at this deep purplish based brooder.

Finally, fries measuring 2 inches were being released from the mouth cavity.

The same brooder as above.

The last shot of this fine specimen, with the inner and outer core of the scales showing predominantly purple hue.

The very first brooder on 10 August 2004, a BMB Xback with very thin frame scales. Mention tag 1554 and the harvest date while ordering.

William trying his best to calm the brooder, who was rather panicky.

Only a total of 25 pcs half-inch fries for this brooder.

One for the photo album for this BMB brooder.

A handful of very young half inch fries. They would need alot of tender care at this stage.

A joyous moment for every arowana farmer.

A second brooder for 10 August 2004, yet another BMB Xback. Mention tag 1552 and the harvest date while ordering.

This was a rather easy-to-pry open brooder, with a contribution of 33pcs of two inch fries.

Making a final check.

Extremely broad body coupled with neatly arranged scales for this second BMB.

An AVA officer has to be present at all harvests, this time, we are honoured to have a Mr Wong from the AVA.

Here comes the third brooder of the day, a regular Rose Gold Xback brooder, tag number ending 6078. This brooder displays very good purplish shine throughout its body. Captivated?

A rather disappointing performance for this brooder, only 28pcs of half inch fries were harvested from him today.

The fourth and last brooder of 10 August 2004, another Rose Gold Xback brooder. Brooding for the very first time, we are indeed very satisfied with its yield of 42pcs of two inch fries. Mention tag 6091 and the harvest date while ordering.

Notice its huge brooding pouch for this Rose Gold Xback? And its ultra deep purplish colouration, too? Too bad, our digital camera has run out of memory capactiy for the day, otherwise, we would certainly have a very imposing full body shot of this superb brooder! Well, the next time, perhaps.