'BBB' Scheme for Golden Head Sapphire Gold Xbacks

Dear All,
During this time of the year, its normally the peak arowana breeding season for most farms in Singapore & Malaysia. And its the same for our farm, too. During the past week and today (08 Septemeber 2004), we had harvested some quality Xbacks. Here they are, available for booking 4-5 months from today (please do not book now as booking is only open when the fries have reached saleable size of 5-6 inches. And we would surely show their grown-up pictures here for sharing purposes).

Hope you guys have a good time going through these pictures. Enjoy.

PS. These batches will only be available 4-5 months from September 2004. As such, we would annouce here again once they are ready for sale. Kindly mention brooder's last 4 digit tag number and their corresponding harvest date when ordering.

For Spore local sales - please check with your preferred DFI retailer. For Overseas sales - please place your booking with your DFI agent, if there is one in your country. And in both cases, we do not retail, we only wholesale in bulk. Thanks.

The father of many DFI's famed Golden Head Xbacks, a 9 year old brooder who now only breeds once or twice a year. He is the same Golden Head that had appeared in our Xback's poster, check him out.

A side profile of the huge brooding pouch, yielding a stunning 41 fries today.

Acting rather docile today, harvesting his fries wasn't too difficult a task. Mention tag '1EE0' and the harvest date while ordering.

Close up shot of the 'golden numbers' on the head region .....can you figure it out what they are?

A second brooder for 08 September 2004, a 5-6 year old son of the above tag '1EE0', do they bear any resemblance at all? Mention tag '0560' and the harvest date while ordering.

A rare glimpse of the brooding pouch, behaving quite calm for this shot. Good Boy!

Out they come, but its a disappointing 21 fries only.

Sequence number two .......

Sequence number three .........

Sequence number four .........

A top view shot of this relatively young brooder.

One last shot for the album. In fact, this brooder was in public display in the year 2003, some of you might remember seeing him ......does he look familiar?

An even younger son of the first brooder (tag 1EE0), found to be brooding for the very first time at age 3. Mention tag '6781' and the harvest date while ordering.

Since this is his very first attempt at brooding, we ought to be happy with his offering today, though its only 20 fries.

Bearing any resemblance to his brother, tag 0560 and father, tag 1EEO?

Young but his future seem very bright, do you agree?

A must for all harvests, a full body shot for keepsake.

Making a final check.