Latest Offerings - Aug2005

Dear All,
It's been almost a year since our last post. Time really flies but here we are again, updating you with our latest offerings. Hope everything is well with you and your beloved fishes. Do have a fantastic time viewing these new pictures we had painstakingly put up for you all.


For Spore local sales - please check with your preferred DFI retailer. For Overseas sales - please place your booking with your DFI agent, if there is one in your country. And in both cases, we do not retail, we only wholesale in bulk. Thanks.

Some samples of our new Bukit Merah Blue and Emerald Blue Golden Heads, fishes around 8 inches. (In Singapore, such fishes are available at Aro Pacific Aquarium and Clementi Aquarium. Same quality xbacks also available in Hong Kong, Japan (Osaka & Tokyo), Taiwan and Thailand).

Another angle of the same fishes, as above.

A side profile of a Golden Head Emerald Blue Xback, around 8-9 inches. Graded AA+.

New shot of a Sapphire Gold xback, graded AA.

Fine specimen of an Sapphire Gold xback, graded AA.

Top view of a top notch Golden Head Sapphire Gold xback, grade AAA+. (Fish is now in Osaka, Japan).

Yet another high-end Golden Head Sapphire Gold xback, graded AAA. (fish still available)

Super spoon, short-body look-a-like Emerald Blue xback. (available soon in Osaka, Japan).