Rose Gold Harvest

Dear All,
Remember in August 2004, when we mentioned that we would post more pictures of our Rose Gold brooder, tag ending 6091? Well, we could not do so till one year later, as that brooder only produces once a year ......., a not-so-productive father by all standards. But with its brood totalling 46 today, we are surely not complaining.

Sharing some interesting moments with you all.

For Spore local sales - please check with your preferred DFI retailer. For Overseas sales - please place your booking with your DFI agent, if there is one in your country. And in both cases, we do not retail, we only wholesale in bulk. Thanks.

The usual harvest procedure applies, a scan had confirmed the brooder's tag number.

View to be concentrated on the lower pouch area, could you see the swollen and darkened lower jaw?

The very first attempt in prying open its lower jaw.

Second shot with a close up view. Note the very deep base colour, are you mesmerized?

Another angle of the fascinating moment.

Out come the last batch of eggs with fries developed.

From this side profile, the brooder appears more golden than purplish. But in actual fact, it looked more purplish at most times.

A closer up look of the brooder's contribution this year.