29 Nov 2005 --Harvest of Pahang Gold 1555

Dear All,
Our Pahang Gold Xback Golden (tag ending 1555) has just done his annual affair, and 34 pcs of 2 inch fries were harvested on 29 November, 2005. But regrettably, we were not able to capture that 'magical moment' this time round, due in part to a new camera being used. Apologise for that. Anyway, we did manage to capture a few precious shots of this much coveted DFI brooder. Have a great time viewing these pictures!

Picture taken just before the harvest, fish was rather panicky today, probably due to the rather hot weather lately.

A closer focus of the head region. Compare the golden head features now with those a year ago, did you see any new development?

A standard practice - just for the records.

About to pry open the mouth, with everyone keeping their fingers crossed, hoping for a good and successful harvest.

The nett result of today's harvest - 34pcs of wriggling 2 inches fries.

A close up view of the fries in a 'pot'.

A short body Pahang Gold - one and only.

A Siamese twin found in this harvest. Thanks for sharing.