Pictures of Dragonfish in Ponds - Part 2

Dear All,
In the subsequent days, we had surprisingly been able to capture some pond brooders - those that are not camera shy, that is. Much to our astonishment, one brooder even posed for us for a good 2-3 minutes, striking different poses as he puts forward his 'very best' for the album! Do enjoy!

在随后的几天里, 我们非常惊奇能拍摄到一些在池塘里口孵小鱼的种鱼- 那些应当是不害怕照相的鱼吧。 但是,最为我们惊讶的是,竟然有一尾种鱼为我们而摆了2-3 分钟的摆姿, 还连续摆不同的姿势以 展出他的' 最好' 摆姿,以做留念! 请享用!

See the blackened brooding pouch of this huge-sized Rose Gold Cross Back? Rose Golds are known to attain the body shape and size of Reds and the colour intensity of Cross Backs, as evident in this picture. Tag number of brooder, 702088880006091.
可有看到这尾巨大玫瑰金过背抹黑了的孵卵袋?据了解,玫瑰金(过背金与红龙的交配后代)将会达到红龙体形及尺码,过背金的 色彩及亮度。微型晶片号码为702088880006091。

A very young F4 Sapphire Gold brooder, grandson of our famed Golden Head Sapphire Gold brooder, tag ending 1EE0. See its grand father's picture below and do a comparison.
一尾年青的F4世代蓝宝石紫蓝底过背。它是我们著名的金头蓝宝石紫蓝底过背种亲 (微型晶片最后号码1EE0)的孙子。请看下面它祖父的照片,好做比较。

This is our pride and joy - an eleven year old Golden Head Sapphire Gold brooder, tag number 293B06E11EE0. Aren't they very much alike - ' Like father, Like son (albeit, grand father)'.

The second of a series of 8 poses, this shot shows the swollen brooding pouch very clearly.

Deep gold intensity, very strong purplish-bluish base contrast and some golden head features are the strong selling points of this brooder.

Probably realised that he had been filmed, he turns away slowly ....

Undaunted, he reverts to his old position for us to take more shots, good boy!

Staying put for the moment.

All pictures were taken under the reflection of overhead netting, otherwise, shots would have been perfect, isn't it?

The final close-up shot of this brooder. Looking forward to harvest the babies next week, do wish us the best of luck!